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We had always considered ourselves rather adept in the design aspects of our home. With that being said, we were a bit apprehensive when first making the decision to hire a designer to aid us in our home interior. It was extremely important to us that our home not end up looking “designed” or that the house lose us in the process. There was of course an idea of how we wanted the house to end up looking. What we ended up with FAR exceeded our expectations. The process, and it is a process, was cumulative and collaborative. Kelly was able to take our ideas, put them into an amazing plan to transform our home into the sanctuary where we now reside. She opened our minds to incredible features that we would have never thought of on our own. We found that many of our pre-conceived ideas were really quite “seen” and typical. Kelly introduced us to fabulous textiles, furniture, art and unique found objects that we would have never considered before. Had we not hired Kelly we would have ended up right where we started, frustrated with a house that lacked interest and continuity. Kelly was great at showing us everything for approval prior to decisions. There were times when we just took a leap of faith and trusted that something chosen would end up being the right thing. It always was. It was truly a wonderful and gratifying experience working with Kelly. Our home is just that, our home. Our input and taste is evident in all corners, walls, windows and furniture. Kelly is a multi-talented designer. She is even great at arranging and hanging pictures! We have since purchased a second home in New England and will be hiring Kelly to do her magic once again!

Kathleen Marshall

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Kathleen Marshall


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