I have always been thrilled with the amazing results!

I have worked with Kelly on my first custom home from construction phase to every detail from furniture, lighting art & accessories and am currently working with her on my second custom home. The amazing characteristic about Kelly is her ability to get inside my head and anticipate my wants while still incorporating my needs. Her taste and feel for texture truly is amazing. Although she designed both homes for the same person, both homes have their own uniqueness and characteristics that create a whole new feel. That happened to be one of my initial requests, that Kelly use her knowledge of my family and I, but create something totally different than before in our 2nd home. She has done this beautifully and I cannot wait to see the completed project. Throughout my two projects with Kelly, I have learned to trust in her judgement, and I have always been thrilled with the results!

Wendy Tamaccio

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Wendy Tamaccio


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