What is live edge wood ?


I absolutely love the organic nature of live edge wood! This is my dream bed…I can see it covered in a fluffy white down comforter, a throw with metallic silver thread and huge white mongolian fur pillows!

There is a local Atlantic Beach furniture maker I highly recommend that works with all species of live edge wood: www.gmorgandesign.com. Check him out…if you can envision it..he can make it!

Photos credit: rsstyle.com  and honestbuildings.com

Applications and designing with live edge wood


I have received some questions this week as to “what was I planning to do with two planks of wood” (as well as…your crazy kelly….but thats not what this blog is about today…) and so I wanted to share a few images of applications that can be done when designing a new table utilizing live edge wood, concrete, glass and resin. My friend here in Jacksonville, Greg Morgan (gmorgandesigns.com) is going to take my two pecan slabs (perfect with worm holes!) and fill the center with an almost clear resin slightly tinted with a faint water blue tint. This will flow like a river down the center of the table. The use of concrete, another of my favorites can also be used as well as a colored glass. You can also place items in the resin such as semi-precious stones and river rock (your imagination is the extent of what you can use). I love the juxtaposition of these natural elements together!  I will make sure and post (in 3-5 weeks) the completed table!


thisis colossal.com   stacklab.com  homedess.blogspot.comar

Serene all white rooms


I have always appreciated the calmness of an all white room filled with the textures of an old wood table, the green of a leafy plant and the slight textures of linen, clay and iron.

I appreciate that all white is not easily chosen in many households due to pets, children, sand and surf…BUT if you can make it work it will ever fill you with a sense of calm, an environment to introduce items such as found art, the simple pink tulip that stands out with perfect contrast and which allows every texture to be seen.

Image sourced: honeysuckle life.com, hgTVhomesndimg.com, rile.com

New project with a live edge countertop and sliding farm door in Boca Raton, FL

So excited about this new project! I searched out the perfect live edge wood for a custom countertop that will join up perfectly to the adjoining White Onyx countertop in a bar top as well as sliding farm door in the adjoining wall that to me is nothing short of art! I will post the finished product in a few months when complete…but for now here is some inspiration images to get your creative minds flowing….

I am still LOVING tree stump tables!!

I fell in love with the use of wood stumps years ago and would regularly “hunt” for wood stumps on the side of the road (make sure it is not home to termites! yes…this was an earlier mistake!)

It is endless what you can do with them! For the very large heavy stumps, wheels are recommended and preferably wheels with locks…especially if you plan to throw your feet on them!

I am on this kick recently with the use of brass/gold (see below the beautiful gold stumps with a very neutral, elegant palate. Years ago I would have “never” considered using that tone, but I love its application now with more raw materials such as steel, stone and wood. I hope these images inspire you also…

Found at: nordichouse.co.uk, thriftychic.com, beauty4ashes-ellie-blogspot.com & juliehillman.com

Welcome to our blog!


We are so excited you are here. We will be updating this blog with all the latest trends in interiors including design styles and more. We will also keep you up to date on new and exciting projects we are working on as well and any other things happening with abode interiors. For now, here is a preview of a new project we will be blogging about that we just completed in Boca Raton , Florida!

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