Who knew……using math & computers to make original art!


I respect and admire creativity and ALL the amazing artist out there that create their one of a kind art! One of those artist is Ryan Henderson. He creates artwork with his computer using math and music. What? Yes, that is what I said.

So I asked Ryan to describe the process:

“Music is recorded and digitized into .MP3 (or .WAV, etc) files. That’s just a bunch of 1’s and 0’s to a computer and the computer knows how to send that data to your speakers to replay the sound. That music data can be manipulated with math to extract what notes were played at what time (among other things). With those notes and time I use math (again) to make the computer draw curves and paint colors only using that data. So each song/sound will paint a different image. It boils down to I can’t paint so I make my computer do it. I just have to know the right math to make that happen.” Ryan Henderson    https://www.audio-optio.com/

The cool thing is YOU pick the song, the colors, patterns & the medium it is applied to (fine art paper, canvas, acrylic & metal).

If you are looking for a “ONE OF A KIND” gift, reach out to Ryan at http://audio.optio@gmail.com.

Using math & a computer to make original art!

Who knew you could create art using your favorite song and a computer?@!

Beautiful Holiday Table Top Design


One of my favorite things about the holidays, other than spending time with family & friends is decorating the table! As many of you know, I am a NEUTRAL girl, and I do not like a lot of pattern or COLOR!  So I set out to get inspired for the holiday table top design for 2019…

One of my favorite places for inspiration is ETSY. If you haven’t become acquainted with ETSY, you should! (www.etsy.com). I love ETSY, not just because of all the unique one of a kind items, but it is filled to the brim with creative juices AND you get to support artists and small start up companies all over the world. One of those companies is WallKnot (https://www.etsy.com/shop/WallKnot). They have a beautiful neutral tabletop designed around one of their beautiful handmade macrame table runners & my other favorite was the macrame chair backs! (do we have to wait till an event or holiday to use these?!)

Look no further than your local florist or even your backyard for the greenery. I have used both before! If you wish to reuse the greenery, get quality faux silk greenery from a craft store.  Add some white flowers, candles and your dishes and flatware and you are set to amaze!   I love the idea of adding your own person touches, such as a handwritten note to each guest setting, or photos of your family trips in small frames. Be creative and have it reflect you and your family.

I hope this has INSPIRED you to create your own special table top! If you have any photos of your own table top designs or have any ideas to share with others- please post!

Beautiful Holiday Table Top

Beautiful Macrame Table Runner

Beautiful Holiday Table Top

Beautiful Macrame Chair Backs

Luxury Home Remodeling – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!


We love doing remodels, especially when they are in a great place to hang out….like oceanfront! But real life in  the Interior Design and Remodeling business does not always follow the HGTV script. And rarely do these shows truly depict the REAL costs associated with tearing a house down to the studs, moving walls, plumbing and electrical. Furniture, art and accessories…..well that’s never mentioned in the project plan! We’re deep into the demo of an  oceanfront condo and we intend to post pictures of the before, during and after. Oh, and who would like to know the real life costs? Just let me know! Here’s a pic of our first obstacle: plumbing and electrical panels in less than ideal locations to execute our CAD drawing!

An Amazing Home Refresh With Almost No Construction!


Here’s a very recent project that transformed a dated kitchen and living room. Great use of new colors, flipping the dark counters for light and a re-facing of the cabinet color! New paint throughout, custom Lee Industries swivel chairs and …gasp….a beautiful white couch (with Crypton fabric!). Great new art and unique accessories, including a historic Turkish pot. Great new rugs, even a couple antique Turkish beauties. Enjoy these before and after photos.

Art and Accessories in New York City


My husband and I recently went to NYC where he was speaking at a show at the Javits Center and I was spending time with my cousin and brand new baby boy! I also managed to spend some time researching and being inspired by the art and accessories scene in New York. I visited MOMA and they’re amazing collection of art and design. You forget some of the timeless pieces there from the likes of Dali, Monet, Matisse, Picasso, Van Gogh. We also visited Astro Gallery on 5th Ave, who has a remarkable collection of minerals, gems, fossils, meteorites…..that can be collected or used as show stopping home decor! All of these created by nature and absolutely breathtaking and unique. I even brought back some pieces that will adorn a future clients home!

How Lucky Are We?


…to get to work together designing, remodeling and guiding clients on the journey to the home they have dreamed of! Here’s the article as it appears in Jacksonville Real Producers.




Florida Keys Home Makeover


Take a look at my latest project in the Florida Keys! This home was severely damaged by the hurricane but has received a complete makeover. What a transformation! Custom closets, custom live edge wood, custom barn door, custom cabinets, custom window coverings, new flooring, amazing lighting, Persian rugs, concrete like counter tops, “grunge” backsplash, artistic pendant lights….and much more!


Increasing Home Values


We have been working with the community of real estate agents, broker and builders to increase home values through innovative design. We are fortunate enough to be featured in the upcoming Valentine’s edition of Jacksonville Real Producers, featuring couples who work together. Here’s a few pics from the shoot!

Custom Live Edge Wood Table


These tables are always spectacular, adding a real wow factor to any home as they are unique to every client. Everything from the type of wood (and there are MANY choices), color of the resin, length and width….all unique and sure to be a conversation piece!

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