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Get that feeling of peace, calm, pride  and accomplishment that comes from having an impeccably designed home! You, your family and your friends will be ecstatic and Love Your Home! Call now or book a consultation.

Gain access to Designer Only lines and custom creations. Avoid costly mistakes in selecting the wrong items or contractors. Transform your home on time and on budget!

From concept through every detail to complete your project, Abode Interiors delivers a personal environment tailored specifically for you. Kelly’s four step plan incorporates your style and functional needs and keeps you deeply involved all through the process! 

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We believe in long term design value, which we achieve by selecting quality pieces with  timeless design.

“Design is a private and intimate process between my clients and myself. The thrill of each selection that  creates the layering of the space. Visualizing the colors and textures, imagining how the space will be enjoyed and ultimately capturing the overall essence of the space.. Making things beautiful. This is my Passion.”

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